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Drivesett Argent Edging

Drivesett Argent Edging

Granite-look, premium driveway edging to match or contrast for an attractive finishing touch. 
Drivesett Argent Edging is available in three colours; Dark, Light and Natural to coordinate with the extensive Drivesett Argent range.

The premium textured finish provides a contrasting effect to other Marshall's driveway paving projects. Drivesett Argent Edging combines the premium appearance of granite aggregate with precision manufacturing whilst the 915x150x63 size combines the requirements of a driveway edge restraint with premium design and quick installation.

  • Granite-look, premium driveway edging
  • Premium textured finish 
  • Three colour options to match and contrast with the existing range. 

Drivesett Argent Edging is one of our driveway edging stones products within our kerbs and edgings range.



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