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The new Drivegrid System includes an improved high quality, premium grid that holds and stabilises gravel driveways and paths, a Geotextile to help in the prevention of weed growth and a choice of 6-10mm decorative aggregate. No planning permission required, the rainwater will run through the cells and into the ground below.

A choice of aggregate allows this system to be perfect for a traditional setting as well an ideal solution for a contemporary scheme.

  • The Drivegrid system contains a new high-quality grid that will stay looking better for longer. 
  • The new Drivegrid system provides all components together including grid, Geotextile and aggregate choice. 
  • A choice of aggregate is available, providing something for all house types




Sizes, Colours and technical information for our Drivegrid

                                           ** Gride come pre-assembled with Geotextile Membrane. Aggregate is optional** 

 ''The Marshalls Drivegrid system covers 11.76m2 and is available with or without a choice of 3 different aggregates.''







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Grid  List 


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