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Artificial Grass - LawnHub - Bahamas 50mm

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Artificial Grass - LawnHub - Bahamas 50mm

Artificial Grass by Lawn Hub - Bahamas

Are you looking for a low-maintenance solution for your grass area but still want that luxurious feel? Then we recommend Lawn Hubs Bahamas artificial turf. With its 50mm pile height it will look and feel great, like real grass beneath your feet. The beauty of this option is that you never need to cut it, water it and it stays green all year round! Its UV protection means that the grass will not discolor even when exposed to persistent sunlight. It also has good drainage allowing the water to drain through easily making this a great investment of your hard-earned money! It is also pet-friendly as it cannot be dug up or spoiled like real grass. It is also easy to clean should any pets decide to go to the toilet on it!


Artificial turf can often work out cheaper to maintain over time compared to real grass. This is because real grass not only needs regular maintenance work such as mowing and shearing; it also needs fertilisers, pesticides, weed killers and water etc. All of these costs start to add up over time. Also, it's always good to remember that in those summer months when the sun is really hot, real grass can curl up and die but artificial grass will not do this. It will get hot but it will not burn you.


But what about the environment I hear you say? It is worth checking out what has to say on this subject. "In 2009, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found that an hour of petrol-powered lawn mowing produces as much pollution as four hours of driving a car". So it really does depend on how you are going to maintain real grass when comparing environmental benefits to artificial turf.


Artificial Grass requires minimum maintenance which includes clearing leaves off and occasionally giving it a spray


UK wide delivery available


Can be cut in 2m or 4m widths. Please advise upon purchase


Lawn Hub Artificial Grass Bahamas




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