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Exterior Jointing Grout by Marshalls

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Exterior Jointing Grout by Marshalls

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Exterior Jointing Grout 


For a smooth and contemporary finish on your paving or driveway* project, use Marshalls Exterior Jointing Grout. This cement based jointing compound has been developed with a quick setting formula which means it will start to cure within 15 minutes and will accept light foot traffic after just 1 hour, depending on the temperature and humidity.

This product should be installed by a landscaping professional 

For an easy to install, all-weather patio jointing compound suitable for DIY use, consider using Marshalls Weatherpoint 365 available in two popular colours.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with the exceptional bond strength of Marshalls Exterior Jointing Grout
  • Achieve a contemporary finish with his smooth, cement based jointing solution
  • Don’t wait to enjoy your garden, MEJG has a quick setting formula that accepts light foot traffic after just one hour
  • This versatile jointing compound can be use with most Marshalls garden and driveway paving