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UV Exterior Everlast Skimmia Plant (24cm)

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UV Exterior Everlast Skimmia Plant (24cm)

UV Exterior Everlast Skimmia Plant (24cm) Artificial Plant

Enhance the ambiance of your home and garden effortlessly with the delightful Skimmia plant. Achieve a low-maintenance and charming display by planting it in your favorite pot.

This Skimmia plant goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is equipped with a special UV protector. This innovative feature actively absorbs harmful UV light, ensuring the preservation of the plastic's color vibrancy and structural integrity. Enjoy the beauty of your Skimmia plant without worrying about sun-induced fading, as it gracefully adds charm to your surroundings while maintaining its visual allure over time. Elevate your decorative choices with a touch of nature that stands resilient under the sun's rays.

Product Specifications

Artificial or Real Artificial
Colour Green
Item Depth 22.5 cm
Item Height 7.5 cm
Item Width 12.5 cm
Type Skimmia