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Marshalls Block Paving for Driveways

Marshalls Block Paving Driveways

Marshalls Block Paving Driveways

Marshalls have a wide range of block pavers that can be used on your driveway. In this blog we aim to introduce just some of their fantastic products that are popular amongst our customers.


Marshalls Drivesett Argent
Marshalls Drivesett Argent Block Pavers have been on the market for many years now due to its popularity amongst customers. Its modern grey look updates any driveway, giving a unique clean finish with a premium granite look. This product can be matched with Marshalls Argent walling and Marshalls Argent Paving creating consistency throughout your property.


Marshalls Block Paving



Marshalls Driveseys Original Cobble 
I would recommend Marshalls Drivesys Original Cobble to customers who are looking for a traditional looking driveway. These block pavers create a realist antique look of an old fashioned coble stone. They are cast from aged and timeworn cobbles and can be used a single colour or blended using a variety of colours to create a more natural cobblestone effect. 


Marshallls Drivesys Cobble



Marshalls Scoutmoor Setts
If you are looking for impressive technical performance as well as timeless style then Marshalls Scoutmoor Setts are the block pavers for you. You can find these block pavers installed at iconic locations such as Trafalgar square.  This block paving is predoinantly a blue and grey colour with variable brown bands running through. They have been tested repeatedly by a UKAS accreddited laboratory and meet Marshalls high standard mark. An ethically sourced product.


Marshalls Scoutmoor Setts 

Marshalls Drivesett Coppice
This product is ideal for those looking for a warm feel to their property. Marshalls Drivesett Coppice comes in a single pack size containing five different blends of colour from light to dark. When this block paving is laid it creates the impression of a mulptile sized driveway pavers.


Marshalls Drivesett Coppice