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Drivesett Natrale Block Paving by Marshalls

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Drivesett Natrale Block Paving by Marshalls

 Drivesett Natrale Block Paving



Drivesett Natrale offers an affordable, sturdy, and practical alternative to natural stone driveways, featuring lifelike split stone face profiles. With its warm and popular color option, along with various block sizes, you can craft a driveway design that's truly one-of-a-kind. For that finishing touch, consider Drivesett Argent® Edging to enhance the overall look.

Achieve the charm of a natural stone driveway with the durability and convenience of modern engineered concrete block pavers, featuring lifelike split stone face profiles. Built to last, it's a worthwhile investment for any property type. Plus, with three compatible block sizes, you can create a truly unique driveway design that adds character and charm to your home.

Because of the characteristics of this product and the manufacturing process, there may be some variation in appearance. While we strive to provide accurate representations through online images or printed materials, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the actual product colors.

To ensure a consistent colour blend, it's recommended to mix blocks from a minimum of three packs, if possible. When laying the blocks, prioritize taking them from vertical columns rather than horizontal layers, unless otherwise instructed. Please note that Marshalls concrete block paving is produced in different factories, so there may be slight variations in color across different batches.

For optimal installation, introduce jointing sand before the initial vibration, and use a rubber-faced matting on the vibrating plate.


Product Specification:


160 x 160 x 50mm - 10.75m2 coverage 420 units / pack
240 x 160 x 50mm - 11.52m2 coverage | 300 units / pack
160 x 120 x 50mm - 10.37m2 coverage | 540 units / pack