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Point Your Patio - A How To Guide

Marshalls Weatherpoint 365 - your perfect paving slab pointing solution

How to point your patio - advice & guidance


How to point your patio. You have created the right foundations, made those awkward cuts, and laid that beautiful paving flag down... but now you need to point it! Don't worry, we have some tips and advice in this blog to help you along the way.


What does pointing your patio mean?

Basically, pointing is a way of filling in the gaps of the flags that you have just installed. This joint will protect the paving by preventing contact pressure between the slabs. It also allows thermal expansion to occur stopping any damage or weakening of the flag. If you were to lay the flags "butt jointed" you would more than likely experience chips, cracks, and further damage. This is why pointing your patio is so important.


Pointing your patio will also prevent rainfall or run-off water from getting into the joints of your paving. Damp over time came to damage your patio. It can also cause efflorescence and erosion causing weakening and loose flags.


We believe that pointing your patio also enhances the look of your installation


What jointing material should you use?

There are many different pointing solutions out there for you to choose from and its vital that you do your research as it is important the solution you choose stands the test of time.  We often recommend Marshalls Weatherpoint 365 however please check out our pointing solutions page for more options.


Point your patio - weatherpoint

Saturate Your Patio with Water

It is important that you saturate your patio with plenty of water, particularly the areas that you want to point. This will allow easier installation of our chosen pointing solution


Pour & Spreading Your Pointing Solution

After you have saturated your patio with water its time to slowly empy out your pointing solution from its tub. We recommend spreading it across your patio into the joints with a yard brush. The solution may need ecouraging to fill the gaps between slabs, so keep brushing over this area until full.

Point your patio - weatherpoint 365 Buff

Striking The Jointing Compound

Don't worry, your installation is almost complete! Now you have brushed in your pointing solution into the joints and brushed away any excess, its time to "strike in" the compound. What does it mean "strike in" the jointing compound? This means that you take a jointing iron and strike off and compact the joints between the slabs and then your done! 


Point your patio - weatherpoint


Sometimes it's daunting to point your own patio as you have got this far and just want your installation to be perfect. However, with a little bit of confidence, advice, and guidance you can save yourself hundreds of pounds. This is not only rewarding but you can add it to your list of "new skills".


Pointing products:

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