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Maintaining Your Driveway - How To Clean Your Block Paving Driveway.

Marshalls Block Paving Driveway Products

Maintaining Your Driveway 

Now that you have paid out hundreds of pounds, its time to look after your investment. Did you know that after block paving has been laid, in the first few weeks they become quite porous between the joints? Rain water can flush out the freshly installed jointing sand particulary on any sloping areas, so we recommend keeping an eye on this and top up these joints if necessary as this will stop any damage to your driveway.


maintaining your driveway maintaining your driveway maintaining your driveway


How to clean your block paving driveway.

We recommend looking after your investment by doing at least 2 cleans a year.

Step 1: You will need to give your driveway a good brush with a broom and a strong detergent.

Step 2: Apply a weed blocking agent between the block paving joiunts to prevent weeds popping thorough. 

Step 3: Rinse off with a pressure washer, holding it at a 30 degree diagnonal angle on a medium pressure to prevent any damage; making sure that all products have been rinsed away.

Step 4: Take a look at your driveway and identify any areas that need re-sanding or re-pointing and carry out these taks if neccessary.

 maintaining your driveway



Removing stains and spillages from your driveway

Step 1: Identify the source of the stain. Is it from iron gutters, rust or oil? This is important to not only prevent any further staining but also to identify the right treatment.

Step 2: Once identifed any application of treatment should be carried out on a small section as per manufacturers guidlines to prevent any further damage.


maintaining your driveway maintaining your driveway maintaining your driveway


Safety when using chemicals and acids when treating your driveway

1. First of all make sure that their is sufficient ventilation

2. Wear personal protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.

3. Make sure that the area you are working in has zero hazards for those passoing or working around you.

4. Always make sure that you add acid too the water and NEVER water to acid.

5. Whilst using any chemicals or acid treatments make sure that you take extra care to avoid further damage to adjoining blocks.

6. If any treatments have managed to get on any items of clothing we recommend that you safely dispose of them.

7. If there is any excess run off material you must safely dispose of this.


Maintaining your driveway





What is efflorescence and how do I treat it? 

Efflorescece is a temporary white discolouration that sometimes occurs after the inital installation of any product containing cement with no fault of the product. This will start to fade over time with natural weathering and daylight exposure. Here are some steps if you want to try to eliminate the process quicker:

Step 1:  Wash the efflorescenced area with a specialised biodegradable citric acid cleaner by following the maufacturers guidlines. This process may need repeating depending on the severity of the appearance.


DO NOT use wire brushes to clean any clay paving surface
DO NOT use chemicals on clay based products.



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Maintaining your driveway Maintaining your driveway Maintaining your driveway